Psoriasis Diet : Can it cure your psoriasis ?

Psoriasis is a skin disease caused due to stress and allergic reaction towards environment or food. It is sometimes hereditary as well. psoriasis diet helps reduce this skin disease in an efficient manner. Psoriasis is of course dangerous but it is not contagious. Psoriasis is a recurrent disease and one in every five individuals is affected by the disease.

Psoriasis happens when too many skin cells develop in one region of your body. The skin swells up, becomes dry and flaky in the affected areas. The regions mostly affected by the disease are stomach, hands, legs, scalp, elbows and feet. It can be treated with various psoriasis medicines. However, psoriasis diet remains the most effective way to cure the disease.

People suffering from Psoriasis are prescribed by doctors to drink at least two liters of water on a regular basis. They are also prescribed to be on psoriasis diet and have lots of green leafy vegetables. People with poor diet routine are normally afflicted with this disease. A psoriasis diet consists of effective multi vitamin tablets and zinc tablets for the reduction of psoriasis. Acidic foods are strictly prohibited for a Psoriasis patient. Studies have revealed that the acidic foods have enhanced the disease adding to the misery of the already distressed patient.

Following a Psoriasis Diet

When it comes to diet a psoriasis patient is prescribed to go for a simple and healthy diet. The dermatologists always recommend a healthy and balanced diet to the patients suffering from this affliction. There is no existence of a universal psoriasis diet since various people are allergic to different kinds of food. Therefore, the dermatologists prescribe different kinds of psoriasis diet, which suit the requirement of different people. Patients should also go through a strict weight loss regimen since statistics prove that overweight people suffer more from this disease.

Psoriasis is a disease caused by metabolic disorder. Therefore, a psoriasis diet that would cleanse the whole system is recommended by dermatologists and dieticians. Carrots, beets, grapes and cucumbers could serve the purpose well. A psoriasis diet of seeds, nuts and grains, especially pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and raw vegetables is the best for the patient. One should start with a breakfast of fresh fruits like grapes, apples, pears, peaches etc. A large bowl of green salad and sprouts for lunch and steamed vegetables along with pancakes is recommended.

Patients should avoid all kinds of milk products and the psoriasis diet should be sans butter, eggs, milk etc. Granular Lecithin is considered to be an important part of the psoriasis diet to compensate for low levels of Vitamin C, E and B. Coconut milk and raisins are also good for psoriasis cure.

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